Dota 2 E-Sports

Esports are very popular nowadays, maybe because it explains the kids’ and adolescents’ love for computers and gadgets. Dota 2 is one of the most popular esports that almost everyone plays online. Dota 2 is the game sequel of the Dota, which stands for “Defense of the Ancient.” The game was developed by the Valve Corporation and was released on July 9, 2013. The mode and genre of this game are Multiplayer Online Battle Area (MOBA). The game was already recognized in different International Tournaments together with the other popular esports game around the world. Dota 2 was also referred to as the greatest video games in all time. It becomes mainstream in online games.

In the Defense of the Ancient 2 (Dota 2), there are two teams with 5 players that will defend their Large structure that is being called as the “Ancient.” The main goal of the game and the players is to protect their ancient from their opponent teams. The game has a map, a three-dimensional isometric perspective that serves as the guide of the players to see and protect their ancient. Each player is using a specific character or the “heroes.” There are 117 heroes that can be selected and can be used by each player. The heroes have their weaknesses and their strengths. They are divided into two types, the core, and support.

The core heroes are a starting hero that are weak in their first fight on the battlefield, but the longer the player uses a core hero, the more it becomes powerful and useful, and it can be the star player of their team to make victory happen. On the other side, the support heroes cannot take hard damages during the fights on the battlefield. They just serve as the support heroes for the core heroes. When choosing a hero, as soon as the hero was already selected by players it is already being removed from the choices.

Each hero has many abilities. At the start of the game, they only have one of their ability to use, but as the heroes gain their experience level, they are able to unlock another ability that they have. Heroes have a maximum level of 25 to become very powerful and very strong. Having a hero that already unlock many of its ability is an advantage to the team. The more experienced heroes the teams have, the more possibility to protect it's ancient and to destroy the opponents ancient for victory.

Dota 2 as an esports that develop a players’ leadership ability and the ability to connect to others for unity. Dota 2 is not just about the playing techniques, but it also develops and exercises the minds of the players for better critical thinking.