Don't Miss These Top Hearthstone Decks on 2019!

Now that the year 2019 has begun, we can’t also control the excitement of many avid players as they want to know the update regarding about the topnotch cards in Hearthstone. Every year, this gameplay always features something surprising that will entice the loyal gamers. So, to ensure that you know which of the Hearthstone cards to pick, make sure you keep this list handy!


Consisting of both Captain Hooktusk and Champion of Gral’s Sharks, these cool pirates have invaded the shore to aim victory in the Rumble. The first one will let you summon 3 pirates from the deck while the latter will help you eat a minion in the deck for you to gain its stats. Select Captain Hooktusk as your first set of cards and it will be guided by its loyal crew.


War Master Voone, after a long search, finds kinship in Akali. He is happy whenever he hears roaring crowd, a noisy after-party, and loud rumbling of drums. Because he formerly works with the Black Dragonflight, he will play a significant role in giving the Warriors special vision to find the ways of dragons. Also a warrior card is Akali, the Rhino which will allow you to draw rush minion from your deck.


Wardruid Loti prefers to stay with her dinosaur, loa Gonk and other friends embodied with scales. She would rather stay away from the other Rumble competitors. The groups of Druid will soon find out that she has an exceptional power, and that is to use claw-to-hand combat and shapeshifting. The other part of the group, Gonk, the Raptor, has the ability to attack repeatedly after your hero kills a minion.


To gain a balance on your cards, you can choose the master fighters with exceptional ability. One is the High-Priest Thekal, who wields the light and use it as a weapon. Furthermore, can also utilize his energy to heal allies and can even move in a flash to beat his opponents. He is not the only useful in the group but Shirvallah, the Tiger as well. You can take advantage of its Divine Shield and Lifesteal that only costs less for every Mana that you use on spells.

These cards are just few of the best choices you have to welcome this new year’s set of games in Hearthstone. You can still use your old strategies if you are used to it, but remember that planning for new tactics is also essential so that the enemies won’t read your next actions.