Do’s and Don’ts When Playing CS: GO

How long have you been playing Counter-Strike: Go? Are you enjoying it? What are the effective strategies that helped you a lot to achieve victory in every game? Is it just a magic trick or exceptional skills and knowledge?

Counter-Strike: Go had been one of the rising and developed online games over the years of its success. A lot of players and game enthusiasts had built an interest in the gameplay and features provided by this game. It also provides an exceptional gaming experience, which is the key benefit of the team to increase more sales and purchase from the valued players.

In the global scheme, almost millions of people had already purchased this game due to its thrilling and one of a kind gameplay. This game and its graphics being used can bring a player inside the game venue and make them feel like they are inside the computer screen.

Playing this kind of game had never been an easy one for lots of rules, and strategies are needed to be considered to achieve victory. Given this, here are some of the strategies from the previous and expert players of this game to spread their knowledge to other aspiring expert players.

Let us first start with the things to do during the game.

•    Considering the fake plant enables you to have an easy kill, hold the E button, and be patient until you hear a sound. Then, to get your gun out, spam 1.

•    Do pre-fire headshots or common shots.

•    When doing fake defusing, use the shift walk and tap the bomb to walk on the broader angle using still the shift walk. With this, a weird angle can be achieved when the T peek the bomb.

•    Watch tutorials on how to make your performance increase to a higher level. Youtube is a great source of videos and tutorials.

•    When being pushed as the CT, you can use the counter flashes. Whenever a rush is approaching, the smoke does not detonate to stop it.

•    In clearing particular spots, using the molotovs is a great choice for you to watch how they run while you are happily killing them.

•    For you to get or buy extra time (approximately 7 seconds) using the incendiary grenades can be an effective way, as well as give your teammates the chance to rotate.

For the next one, here are the things that you shouldn’t do in playing CS: GO.

•    Don’t aim for the floor or leg.

•    Don’t peek instantly once sounds are heard, it is better to let even 3 seconds to pass before peeking.

•    Don’t reload when you’re in between a complicated spot or situation. It will be better if you run and hide in a safe place and reload quickly.

•    When you still not finish reloading your weapon, avoid peeking or else the opposing team can get you.

•    Do not eco round when you still have $4000 on CT and $3500 on T. Avoid purchasing helmets