Diving into PUBG Mobile

PlayerUnknown's BattleGrounds or PUBG has now come to Android and iOS. Here's everything you need to know to keep devouring on that chicken dinner!

What is PUBG Mobile?

PUBG Mobile is the official app of PlayerUnknown's BattleGrounds for Android, iPhone, and iPad. It is a sort of battle royal game in which you drop a plane to an island and then choose gear and weapons to fight enemies until the end of the match. Your sole objective is to be the last man standing.

In-App Purchases

Good news for PUBG addicts, this game can be downloaded and played for free. So far, there are no in-app purchases. Though, you can expect to have some in the future to unlock cosmetic items and earn crates.

Customizable Controls

With the default configuration, players move through a virtual control stick while controlling the aim with their right thumb. The virtual buttons placed on the screen's right side allow you to fire, crouch, access the backpack, go prone, and aim down sights.

Missions and Events

BattlePoints are earned while you play. However, you can also get them through participating in events and completing various tasks. Access the missions and events on the lobby screen.

Loot System

For getting cosmetic rewards, the new, free to play loot system gives more convenience. By default, you automatically earn items and weapons in the PUBG mobile. This removes the hassle of clambering for supplies.


In the mobile version of this game, a dotted line will be visible. This means you don't need to place markers on the map. The line will direct you to the distance you're from it as well as your marker from your existing location. Here, you'll determine when is the ideal time to jump to get the location you want.

Auto Pickup

The auto pickup version collects attachments, healing items, ammo, and weapons. Though, it only auto-equip attachments and chooses ammo for guns you are utilizing.

Easy & Quick Healing

By the lower left of your screen, there is a button for accessing the healing items. It shows which is the most useful healing item you can use. Whip out bandages to heal your damage or use a Med Kit if you're low on health.

Visual Feedback

Sound plays an essential role in PUBG, whether on mobile or laptop. The visual information is given through sound in the console and PC versions. For instance, you'll hear footsteps in the left headphone if there's an enemy near to your left.

Al Boots

You will also encounter a fair share of Al boots in PUBG mobile. While it kills your pleasure in the game, it is an excellent way for newbies to further learn about the game and test out their weapons.

Is it safe for kids?

PUBG Mobile is rated 17+. Google Play rated it Teen for Violence and Blood, while Apple gave it a 17+ rate for Frequent/Intense Realistic Violence. The violence in PUBG is not very graphic, plus the blood reveals as blue-ish green steam.