Destiny 2 Updates – What You Need to Know

Destiny servers occasionally go offline to undergo emergency or scheduled maintenance. Sometimes, it receives updates for the game to fix gameplay problems and add more features. If you play this game frequently, you want to stay on top of the Destiny 2 updates to ensure that you’re protected and have the newest version.


March 9, 2022


On March 9, Destiny 2 maintenance started. This was all in the background, so there was no downtime. However, it was necessary to prepare for the new release (Hotfix


March 10, 2022


On March 10, Destiny 2 went through maintenance again. Some of the API features were disabled, such as the and mobile apps.


The game had to be offline for the maintenance service. Therefore, players were removed from their activities and couldn’t log in again until 9 AM PST.


At that time, the Hotfix release was finalized. It was available in all regions and on all platforms. The players could log into their accounts, and all third-party app APIs were re-enabled. However, there were a few minor issues with logins because the scheduled maintenance was still happening.


What Is the Hotfix Patch?


The Hotfix patch fixed a problem that let players remain safely outside the Boss area during the fight. Now, they’re pulled into that room.


Some players didn’t receive Wellspring rewards if they didn’t get armor from Fynch within Throne World. Along with that, Destiny 2 added “bad luck protection” for the weapon drops and Deepsight modifications.


As players complete sections of the Wellspring challenge, they get rewards. However, the game no longer allows them to get pinnacle or powerful drops within the same slot many times in a row.


In Gambit, the Destiny 2 updates (and Hotfix in particular) include:


  • Stopped level advantages that had been enabled in the PvP Gambit
  • Reduced invader kill healing from 27 percent to 20 percent
  • Lowered weapon kills from 25 to 15
  • Reduced melee and grenade kills from 15 to 5
  • Reduced super kills from 15 to 10


There was only one problem with the Altars of Reflection. Now, it shows up correctly for all the characters, and you can play any character you like.


Throne World also had some problems that were fixed with Hotfix, including:


  • Players no longer get stuck at the palace entrance when coming from the bridge.
  • The AI spawn points were adjusted so that enemies can’t spawn in the same spot faster than intended.
  • Deepsight chests only appear where they should now.
  • Ikora’s Hive Ritual dialogue has no glitch in the audio file now.
  • Players can respawn correctly after the “Turn Back” message during the Ritual Mission fight.
  • Targets now spawn for the players to destroy in the puzzle.




Overall, the Destiny 2 updates may or may not have been noticed by those who play regularly. Some issues were minor, but others severely affected the game and point systems. Therefore, the Hotfix patch was necessary and just rolled out on March 10.


There should be no more issues. However, if you notice any problems after the Hotfix patch was applied, it’s best to contact Destiny 2 and create a ticket. The IT experts can find the problem and fix it so that you can continue playing.


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