Destiny 2 Season of the Worthy – Best PvP Weapon

Destiny 2’s new season is here to kick off April, and with it comes a new meta of player-aggravating and grind worthy death machines for you to pour your heart and soul out trying to get them. 


Well, the meta has not only seen a new slog of guns and bullets for you to obtain, but there has actually been a massive shift in the landscape, and it’s one that you may be excited, or angry, to hear about. 


Old school Destiny players, let us ask you this: Do you remember way back in the days of early Destiny 1, where the crucible was 12 Suros Regimes and nothing else? The good old auto-rifle days. It was a meta more balanced than the shotgun hand cannon meta that came after it. 


Auto-rifle lovers rejoice because, for the first time in Cayde knows how long, auto-rifles are back on top!


In particular, the introduction of one weapon highlights this fact more than anything else. 


The Summoner


The summoner is a new auto rifle that has come in with the season of the worthy, and it has made an impact. It has both PvP and PvE god rolls, meaning it’s currently dominating both metas. 


When it comes to getting the most out of the weapon in the crucible, you want to try to get this particular roll:


Ricochet rounds: This perk choice is going to give your assault rifle greater range and stability. The range boost is nice, especially for PvP, where the damage drop-off is more important, but the stability of an assault rifle is often a stat that suffers at the hands of rapid-fire, so increasing it is going to help you stay on target. 


Extended barrel: What barrel or muzzle perk you go with is fully up to you, but for PvP, we like going with anything that is going to give us that little bit of a range boost. 


Moving Target: Moving target is an absolute beast of a perk in the crucible. Those who have played other competitive FPS titles should know why. With this perk, your movement speed is increased when aiming down the sights. What this means, is that you can out-strafe your opponents in a gunfight, making your chances of coming out on top in one on one engagements much higher. 


Rangefinder: The last perk roll we are looking for is rangefinder. There is only one reason for this, and it’s to give us some more of that sweet, sweet, range. 


Find yourself a summoner with these rolls, and you’re going to dominate your crucible matches, especially if you’re like us, and aren’t the biggest fan of shotguns and hand cannons. 


If you’re a Destiny veteran, try picking this weapon up to. It’s going to make PvP feel more like it did in the good old days when raids were more coherent, and everything was simpler, for worse or for better. 


Wrapping Up


That’s the long story short with the current Destiny meta as of April 2020. Bungie are a fickle folk, and that assault rifle dominance could change any day, but for now, kick back and enjoy the fully-automatic carnage.