CS: Go: Know More About the Weapons

Is this your first time playing CS: GO? With thousands of players all over the world and at any given point in time, it stays one of the most renowned first-person shooter games online. If you don’t have any idea about this game,  keep on reading to know more about the weapons used.


The knife has two diverse attacks; first attacks, which are considered fast but weak, and the second attack, which is slow but strong. Wondering what to use? Well, in a knife you need to deal the most damage as possible. So, you need to go for the upper proximity. For a newbie, it is recommended to go at the upper proximity with the first attack, so you assure a hit. As your skill increase, go with the second attack for more damage. Jumping towards an enemy with the knife and aiming for the head is an efficient and deadly method.


Never underestimate the power of the pistol. While it is a secondary weapon, pistols can save a life once you run out of ammo.

Below are some Counter Strike Tips for popularly used pistols in this online game:

USP Tactical

This is a preferred pistol in the game. It has a fast rate of fire; therefore, ready to work your pointer finger and click the left mouse button as fast as you can. This weapon has low recoil, therefore, aim for the upper body or head for serious damage.


This weapon has a slow rate of fire, but it does have a three-round burst alternate fire mode that is specifically powerful when fired into the head or upper body. But, the three-round burst mode has a slower rate of fire compared to the semi-automatic mode; therefore, you make sure to take the enemy down with the first fire. An efficient technique for the burst would be firing into an enemy and then strafing left and right and then unloading another round to burst to kill the enemy. This weapon just works in a close quarter fight.

Desert Eagle

This is reliable compared to other weapons. This, together with the USP Tactical, is normally the sidearm of choice for many players, most especially snipers. 3-well positioned shots to the upper proximity is normally enough to kill an armored foe. But you need to be extra careful of this recoil as it jumps up a little bit after every shot. So, it is highly recommended to aim the first shot into the upper portion of the enemy’s stomach.