The fourth released Series of Counter Strike Game is Counter Strike: Global Offensive (CS: GO) was launched on August 21,2012 by Hidden Path Entertainment and Valve Corporation.

The Counter Strike: Global Offensive has two opposing teams in the game the Counter Terrorist and the Terrorist. The two teams have the same main objectives, and that is to kill and defeat each other. But aside from this objective, terrorist, and Counter Terrorist also have different objectives. The terrorist’s objective is to plant a bomb to a certain location and to put people in danger. While the Counter Terrorist acts as the heroes and the good players in the game that has an objective of defusing the bomb that the terrorists planted, save the hostages and prevent the bad things that the terrorist may be done.

The Global Offensive game has 9 main game modes, the competitive, deathmatch, Casual, Arms Race, Demolition, Wingman, Flying Scoutsman, Danger Zone, and Weapon Course that the players can choose and select to play. Matchmaking in the game is available, and it allows the players to watch on their own servers and to play on valve servers. After each match of the Counter Strike, each player is being rewarded with different weapons and golds that they can use to boost their power, level of strength, and the weapons that they can use in the battle area.

Winning teams in each much of course get more money rewards than the losing teams that can only get a small number of money rewards. Teammates in the game should be protected. In some instance’s players are killing their own teammates, and it is not allowed on the game to penalty will be given to the player. There are 5 purchasable guns that could help the players be stronger to protect themselves during the battle game. The 5 types of purchasable guns are rifle guns, sub-machine guns, heavy guns, pistols, and grenade. The grenade has two different types the hand grenades and smoke grenades. The hand grenade causes a severe damage when used while the smoke grenade only causes smoke in the area, usually used for escaping the enemies or for making them distracted.

Playing the Counter Strike: Global Offensive should always have a cooperation with your team because the game imposes how unity and cooperation work between the member of each team whenever in a battle game arena.