Counter-Strike: Global Offensive: Tips for Beginners

New players may find it difficult playing CS: GO, but you still can improve with the help of our CS: GO tips. So, let's go!

Released in 2012 of August and developed by Valve, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is a multilayered FPS gaming experience and is one of the most popular esports. The core mechanics are just simple: point the gun to the opponents and then shoot.

Playing it at first could be intimidating, which is why we've created some useful tips you can apply for a sure-fire win. 

Practice makes perfect

Counter-Strike is not a kind of game which you can easily maneuver. Some intricacies might overwhelm you. Getting better at it overnight is not possible. So, your best option is to play it a lot. Doing so will get you faster and reduce the overall time you spend with the game.

Order your settings

Know what kind of control, video, and audio settings that better work for you. Accurate settings are next to impossible. It all depends on your existing hardware and individual preferences.

Play deathmatch and aim maps

Deathmatch is a game mode in which there is no rounds and objectives. You don't even need to worry about spending money. Deathmatch is a great way to begin learning and mastering the recoil forms as well as behaviors of the numerous firearms. Whereas, aim maps are maps designed for players to have precise aims.

Use only the essential weapons 

You may be thinking that gathering all the tools is a good tactic to deal with enemies. However, that's not the case with Counter-Strike. You should only focus on important weapons, especially during higher level matches. 

Play with seasoned players or someone better than you

One thing I learned is that playing with a person who is much experienced in the game field is an advantage. Sure, you'll badly lose. But, think of the positive side. It will be faster for you to learn the gameplay. Your determination will push you through.

Team communication is crucial

In this game Counter-Strike, relying on your teammates is extremely vital. And communication is key. Never mind about your "broken" English. Do your best. You'll find yourself quickly picking up. Of course, pay attention to your role in the team.

Learn more about the game

Good thing you're not alone while exploring the ins and outs of Counter-Strike. Ask friends for some guides and tips. Watching pro streams prove to be helpful too. There are many professional players of CS: GO who stream their practice battles daily. Learn how they connect with other players, etc.

Don't let your temper control you

I've seen many players who eventually lose their emotion after every game, especially when they failed. Counter-Strike is a frustrating and challenging game, yes, but do not allow your rage to control you because you're only making the play worse. As possible, keep a level head.