COD mobile

COD mobile means Call of Duty mobile. This game. You need to know how to play this game so that you will have any idea on how to play this Call of Duty mobile. How to play this game? First you need to set up your guns if your guns are functioning well and if your guns are still okay. Second you need to find where your target is because finding your target or enemies would help you to gain money that you will need when you are buying an item. Third you should keep your eyes from the screen where the map is located.

There is a map you will see on the screen of your phone or computer. That map would serve as your guide to find your target as well as your enemy. Keep your eyes from the map because map would help you to find your target. If you think that you need to change your gun then change your gun immediately. You should follow the rules given by this application. If you do not have any idea about this game you have the right to have a tutorial for you to be able to perfect this. If you do not have any idea try to search on the internet or you should please some of your friends to give some of the advices and information that will help your performances very well when you are playing.

COD (Call of duty) mobile is a famous game because this game is just like PUBG and Counter strike. These three online games have differences because there is a presence of some weapons and some guns. This is also a battle between another and one another. If you think that this game is a hard one just tries one for you to have a knowledge about COD (Call of duty) mobile. This game is known by everyone most especially the boys who really likes, enjoys, and loves to play this because this is a famous one.

When you play this one you should look for the setting because in this setting you will find a tutorial that will teach you on how to play this game called COD (Call of Duty) mobile. But you should limit your time when playing this most especially when you are aging 10-15 years old because this game is not suitable for the young boys and girls.