Choosing the Best Class for Your Destiny 2 Journey

Destiny 2 is among the top online games you can play for fun and entertainment. Meanwhile, if you’re a new gamer, you must first decide which class you are going to play with. To help you choose, the following are the best class for your journey in Destiny 2.


Titans are among the more underrepresented classes of the game. They have narrow room for error and broad shoulders. However, it doesn’t mean that they don’t have a purpose. This class can fire on the air like an electrified missile. They can also rain down flaming hammers and use a shield to bash on deflect incoming bullets and enemy defenses. Titans can be dominant in PvP. They can be one of the most reliable when it comes to debuff on bigger enemies in team events. This class can be flexible; however, they can’t be the best support class.


These classes are stealthy and focused on slinging sick fiery revolvers and setting traps. They use bow and arrow to tether their enemies in a single spot. They also have a multi-shot revolver, which can kill a fellow Guardian with just one trigger. Hunters come with Jedi-like, staff-wielding super, which can shock anything it touches to death. Their main responsibility is clearing smaller enemies in swathes. They can also deal with the greatest damage with the Celestial Nighthawk exotic helmet and Gunslinger super.


Warlocks are considered as space wizards. Some of their known supers include shooting lightning from their fingertips/ chest, casting huge destructive orbs, and flying with a flaming sword. Meanwhile, their common super today is their strong Well of Radiance, which serves as a support tool for any team. Warlocks can act as a support role to make sure that no one in the team will fall during challenging activities.

Additionally, you must also consider some factors in choosing the class before playing Destiny 2. Some of these factors include the following:

  • Abilities

Before choosing the class, you must know the abilities that you can access.

  • Looks

Each class comes with distinguishing slate of armor and appearance. So, you must choose the one that suits your standards.

  • Exotics

Exotic armor is also specific, like the standard armor. You can check the unique perks that can offer to you.

What are you waiting for? Choose the best class that is right for you, and enjoy the best gameplay in Destiny 2.