Call of Duty: Mobile is an Online game that was developed by Timi Studios and was released on the 1st day of October 2019. It is one of the excellent mobile games that were hyped and boost the excitement of online players and supporters all over the world. COD: Mobile was published by one of the most popular publisher companies of online games in Android and iOS, the Activision. The online game reaches the expectation of online game players. The COD: Mobile was first released in Canada and Australia, and the game was referred to as the world’s largest mobile game that was launched because of its millions of downloads right after the released if the game.

Call of Duty (COD): Mobile, a first-person shooter battle royal game, focuses on online battlefields. Like any other online games, Call of Duty has a 3-Dimensional Map that makes up the battlefields.  Heroes have specific abilities, powers, and weapons that make them powerful and strong enough to win on the battlefield. Heroes fight with other heroes played by other players using a specific firearms and other weapons to kill enemies in the battlefield. The Call of Duty (COD): Mobile, have a different mode that players can choose and select to specifically pick their battles. Team Deathmatch, Search and Destroy, and Free for all are the modes of gameplay in COD. Team Death Match gameplay mode has a 5 on matches, meaning there are 2 teams with 5 players to play. 5 on 5 also can be done with Domination and Search and Destroy gameplay mode. In COD, there are two types of match, the standard match and ranked match both added the points and the energy power to the rank of the players. In Standard Match or the Non-Ranked Match, the players have the freedom to choose their mode of the gameplay they wanted to play. While the Ranked Match, randomly picked the mode of the gameplay.

Online games like Call of Duty (COD): Mobile, surely, is enjoyable and make you practice your critical thinking and exercise your mind from thinking of the ways on how to win. But you should always remember that online games should have a limitation, you should set your daily limitation and should always prioritize academically inclined activities. Online games are created for entertainment, not for addiction.