Brigitte At Her Finest

One of the most picked heroes in Overwatch is Brigitte. She is the youngest daughter of Ingrid and Torbjorn Lindholm and Reinhardt Wilhelm’s travel companion. She is no longer the one that sits on the sidelines as she is now a defender to give protection to those characters in need. Yet, he has the characteristic of being stubborn that she has inherited to his mighty father. Her armor is the one she specializes in doing.

When Brigitte damages foes using his Flail, she uses Repair Packs to heal teammates or nearby allies automatically. Using her Flail, she can strike many targets as this ability of her is capable of a great full swing. Players can also use her Whip Shot, which is a great help to attack multiple enemies in a single area. When you enter a fray, you must use her Barrier Shield as it provides sort of personal defense, and at the same time, she has the Shield Bash that can stun enemies. Above all, the ultimate ability of Brigitte is, Rally which provides her speed in a short-term boost, substantially, and it can also be armor for a longer time.

Brigitte belongs to the support heroes. Her versatility makes him great in giving armor to her allies. She is also the best hero as she chooses to be in front line rather than in the backline in every match. This is why she is also similar to any tanks that give protection to his allies. She got a large aura for healing, which is from his, Inspire, which also makes her very useful when she is with her team. Despite Brigitte’s strength in very close combat, she does not harm his enemy in a single area. If you tried to hack this hero, she could be useless and meaningless.

Here are some of the abilities and weapons of Brigitte that amazed every player.

Inspire is the passive ability of Brigitte. When she causes damages on her enemies using her Whip Shot or Rocket Flail, there will be a creation of the healing aura around her. This can help her to heal her allies at a given time. Then, every single attack can refresh again the passive.

There is a short cooldown on its ability before it comes to regenerate once again.  Always keep in touch with your teammates, the fact that the healing cannot go through in the centers and walls around Brigitte.

Rocket Flail is the primary weapon of Brigitte. You must know that her primary fire is a combination of melee attack and flail. This attack can stun multiple enemies as it goes extendedly forward.

Brigitte is a more and exciting character that players always use in a match. You must know and get familiar with her. She is one of a kind characters in Overwatch, just used her properly and made sure also to protect her. Brigitte can help you to raise and get to your desirable rank.