Better Ways to Complete the Timed Trials Challenge in Fortnite

Fotnite presents the timed trials challenge which will surely bring your gaming experience to the next level. It may seem simple, but it can also be tricky when you feel overwhelmed by the tasks you have to complete. It is also essential for beginners to learn the turnarounds so that they won’t get lost in the middle of the game. So, keep reading before jumping in to the real world of Fortnite.

The timed-trial challenge features a floating blue clock that every player has to activate before they perform any task. As the challenge goes along, you will notice the clock timer symbols floating on one corner of the screen. Your objective is reach each of them before you run out of time.

Fortnite offer five different time trials, giving each player an ample time to finish each task. However, it is still crucial for you to move faster most especially when you are required to build. Other challenges will also allow you use jump pads or ATK to ensure that you finish the task on time.

One of the time trials can sometimes be found to the east part of Retail Row. You may also pass by at the Lonely Lodge, wherein the time trial is located on the roof of the wooden cottage situated in the center of the map. You might not expect but the empty field located in the south east of Junk Junction also has a different task for you to complete.

Another hint that you shouldn’t miss is the time trial located at the Southern portion of Snobby Shores. It has a bit of difficult way to complete the challenge so you have to move really fast before the timer ends. Another one is between the magical places of Salty Springs and Shifty Shafts. Of course, the Paradise Palms is also one of the selected areas for you to finish the tasks on time. You may pass at a river situated in the northern part of Tomato Town where there is a time trial offered as well.

Take note of the mentioned locations because it is your way to complete challenges. Fortnite may also update the locations but these hints will give you an idea of the possible places to seek for the time trial challenges and surpass them. Each has different features and level of difficulty, so make sure that you are fully equipped and ready to show your speedy movements!