Best Teams in Valorant: Which Ones to Play

Do you have a group of five friends? If you all enjoy playing Valorant, now might be the best time to try various character combinations. This allows you all to see which options work best together and for your needs.


We have determined the three best teams in Valorant. Whether you just want to try something new for fun or want specific character synergies, these three options might be right for you. It’s possible to try them all right now with the available agents. Plus, you can test them to determine the most appropriate one for your playstyle.


Vision Control


In this composition with Nova, Brimstone, Viper, Cypher, and Omen, slow and steady is the key. With this team, you take the map little by little. You’re always covering the backline, but you’re extending the control and vision over the opponents.


Viper, Omen, and Nova are the primary units. You use them for the frontlines, and Cypher keeps tabs on what happens behind you, setting traps along the way. No enemy is going to approach you without your knowledge. Cypher’s camera can help you keep watch on all sides of the map.


Brimstone offers cover fire and prevents opponents from knowing your whereabouts. Of course, you’ve got to know how to aim here.


When you’ve got the vision, Omen gets behind the backline and can use the pincer maneuver. Viper offers vision denial to enemy teams, too.


Fast and Furious


Do you want to hit the opponent’s team fast and hard? If so, then you’re going to want Breach, Jett, Sage, Raze, and Phoenix on your side. This combo features characters with the abilities that help you take down people in your path. You can also breach any choke point and hopefully get out with your life intact. Sage is there to get people back to full strength when health gets low.


Phoenix is best for flashing in to obstruct someone’s vision. Jett can also help with this. Raze does a little of everything and can clear out a path for your team. Breach tends to confuse and slow down the competition.


Jack of All Trades


Sage, Raze, Viper, Phoenix or Jett, and Nova or Cypher are up for the challenge when you want a bit of everything. With these characters, you’ve got vision, heals, damage, and so much more. Just make sure that your team communicates effectively. Also, you’ve got to use the abilities when and as they’re required.


Therefore, if you know your friends well, this composition is one of the best teams in Valorant.