Best Rainbow Six Operators

It has been over five years since Rainbow Six Siege was released, and every year they keep adding more operators to shake up the game. Currently, there are 58 operators excluding Recruit, which are categorized and split evenly into two positions: attackers and defenders. 


Having to use the in-game currency to unlock them, you might be inclined to pick out operators that give the most benefit to the team's composition and your own playstyle. Here are our most recommended operators under the current meta.






Since Rainbow Six Siege was released, Ash has been one of the most popular picks for her versatility. With her three-speed, she's a pure rusher equipped with one of the best rifles, the R4-C, with a high rate of fire and damage output with low recoil. She also has a breaching tool, the M120 CREM, that comes with two charges, allowing her to destroy doorways and unreinforced walls.




Equipped with the X-KAIROS, Hibana is one of the most effective breachers. Her gadget has 18 shots available can blow a hole through reinforced walls, the size depending on the number of pellets you decide to fire. The only shortcoming is that her gadget takes longer to trigger, so it can be disabled. She is a three-speed operator and also has one of the best assault rifles, the Type 89F.




With the two Exothermic Charges he comes with, he's an operator whose sole job is to destroy reinforced walls. The Brimstone BC-3 opens up a huge hole in the wall it's placed on within three seconds, creating a new walkable entry to the room.




With his underslung shotgun named "Skeleton Key," he's an operator meant for quick breaches, as his shotgun can destroy unreinforced surfaces. The capacity to create new firing angles incredibly fast is what makes Buck one of the best operators, as it allows for vertical play that not many operators offer.






Commonly picked to counter hard breachers such as Thermite and Hibata, his ability is to destroy the attacker's side's gadgets. His Shock Wire is quick enough to destroy Exothermic Charges as they're being placed using sound cues. There are many uses to his unique gadget, which is why this operator is so versatile.




Mozzie is equipped with the Pest Launcher, a gadget that hacks the enemy drones to make them your own. This gadget limits the opposing team's information gathering and increases your own at the same time. He also has one of the best choices in primary weapons, making him a damage dealer with utility.




His unique gadget, the active defense system "Magpie," intercepts live grenades and gadgets before they detonate. He comes with three ADS available per round, and they can be placed either on walls or floors. Each can intercept one projectile before disabling itself temporarily for ten seconds.




With the HB-5 Cardiac Sensor that detects enemies through obstacles, he's an operator specializing in gathering information on attackers. His shortcoming is that he can't communicate what he sees unless you and your teammates are on comms.