Best Playing Modes in Counterstrike

Counterstrike requires patience and efficient techniques to have a satisfying gameplay. Even more important, you must also choose the playing mode that can make you a successful player. If you’re a beginner in Counterstrike, you can choose from the following game modes.

Casual Mode

Casual mode is also the same with competitive mode with few changes. In this mode, the size of the team can increase to 10 players per side. Here, players can spectate the game even when they've already died. You can view the enemy team from first- and third-person perspective. You may not know it, but the Casual mode can be affected by your matchmaking rank.

Competitive Mode

The competitive mode can be a good choice if you want a more thrilling and entertaining game. The 2 teams can have 5 players and go head-to-head within a 30-round match. The team that scores 16 points is the winner. The teams switch sides after 15 rounds or halftime.

In the competitive mode, every round takes 1 minute and 5 seconds. An average competitive game can normally last about 40 minutes. Here, you can’t switch sides during the match, unlike the casual mode. Players leaving at any time of the game can be banned from any competitive play in a specific time as a consequence.


Wingman allows you to enjoy competitive play in a smaller arena. With that, you can focus more on the game. It is 2v2, so it is the best mode for jumping into a friend. This game mode works well in 16 rounds, wherein every round can last within one minute and 30 seconds. If you want a streamlined competitive experience, the wingman mode can be the best option.


Deathmatch can be among the top modes you can choose when playing Counterstrike. In this mode, you can secure your points while eliminating enemies. It also features ‘Bonus Weapon’ that can cycle different weapons. It also gives more points to eliminate for a specific time. The Deathmatch is a competitive and fast-paced mode. Here, you can improve through training maps.

War Games

War games consist of 2 game modes the Demolition and Arms Race. Arms Race includes weapons until you reach a golden knife and eliminate one player. On the other hand, Demolition is among the least popular modes of the game. Demolition can remove the team economy and allows you to purchase weapons.

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