Best PC Players in Apex Legends

You’re probably playing Apex Legends for a month now. How was your experience? Perhaps, you experience some trouble bringing home the bacon. Maybe, you still can’t get the most out of its intense gameplay, fusion elements, and progression system. Then, worry no more! You’re not alone. Even the best players of Apex Legends encountered the same struggles, especially when they were new to the free-to-play battle royale game.

Do you want some inspiration to compete perfectly with seasoned Apex Legends players? Then, you have come to the right place! Here are some of the best PC players in the battle royale game. So, without further ado, let’s get started! Take a close look at the following!


You possibly have heard of ShivFPS. It’s no surprise as ShivFPS is the number one PC player in 2020. Currently, the player is at 1,582 level. Ranked as an apex predator, ShivFPS has approximately 58,813 kills. The lifetime global damage is around 12,838,296, making ShivFPS one of the best players you should emulate. Go to to stay updated with the player’s latest happenings.


Another incredible PC player in Apex Legends is Averageaden. Similar to ShivFPS, Averageaden is ranked as an apex predator. With his commitment to play, he was able to reach 1,631. The kills are approximately at 57,318 and counting. In terms of lifetime global damage, it’s currently at 12,496,376. When you’re struggling as a PC player, think of Averageaden. With your dedication and motivation, everything is possible.


Another popular PC player is RRQ_CimCam. Unlike the other Apex Legends enthusiasts, RRQ_CimCam is ranked as Diamond IV. His level is at 1,562. With the thousands of levels, he surpassed his kills at around 51,339. In terms of damage, he can also compete with the other talented Apex Legends gamers. He already has 2,576, 160.


TSM_diegosaurs is another PC player you cannot afford to miss. What makes TSM_diegosaurs as popular as the other Apex Legends players is that he has a wonderful record. As an apex predator, his level is at 1,203, while his kills are approximately 48,597. In terms of damage, it’s around 5,490, 197. to know more information, go to his twitch (, and twitter ( accounts today.

Now that you know some of the competitive PC players in Apex Legends, what’s next? It’s time to understand the battle royale’s gameplay, progression system, and fusion elements! Give it a try and see a huge difference with your experience along the way.