Best Overpowered Class in Destiny 2

Are you a fan of the popular game Destiny? When you sign up to play Destiny, you are put into one of three classes: Titan, Warlock, and Hunter. Each of these classes then has a subclass. For example, if you are a Titan, you can either be a Striker or Defender. Or if you are a Hunter, you could either be a Bladedancer or Gunslinger. No matter which of the subclasses you belong to, each class has a specific type of grenade, melee, and a one-hit-kill skill.


Depending on whom you ask, the question of “best-overpowered class” can vary depending on various factors. Two classes that share the title of “best” are the Titan and Hunter.




A player who is a Titan can switch interchangeably between Striker and Defender. One of the limitations of a Titan is that players can be killed instantly mid-way through an attack. Unlike some of the other classes that offer precision in their tactile, Titans can miss, which is a significant weakness. Titans do have benefits, however. For example, they have the ability to launch the Fist of Havoc; however, if this move is not carefully calculated and misses its target – the player will have to wait to recharge before using it again.




Unlike its counterpart, the Titan, where once they use their super move they must recharge before using it again, the Hunter can use its Super Ability without waiting to reload. This can prove beneficial in the game and when in a match. Not only are the Hunters able to recharge their Super Ability right away, but if you are put in the subclass of Gunslinger, you get a Golden Gun. This unique gun can fire three rounds back to back. If a round lands on your opponent, it kills them instantly. If you aren’t a Gunslinger, but a Bladedancer, you get the Arc Blade. The one difference between the Arc Blade and the Golden Gun is that there is only one attack per move, unlike the three that come with the Golden Gun.


Determining the best-overpowered class in Destiny can be debatable, especially with the classes and subclasses. Some would argue that the Hunter easily is the most superior given their abilities, while others would say the Warlock. Regardless of your class or subclass, Destiny is a game that combines strategy, and peer to peer engagement. What more can a gamer ask for?