Best Fortnite Players of 2020

In 2011, Epic Games announced that they were developing Fortnite. Six years later, the much-awaited release of the gaming platform finally happened. Today, it’s difficult to imagine the gaming industry without the battle royale.

Since the release of Fortnite three years ago, it has become a phenomenon among professional sports teams and amateur gamers. So, it’s normal that most eSports players have risen to popularity.

Who are the top 5 Fortnite players across the globe? Don’t worry! You have come to the right place!

Tyler Ninja Blevins - At 27 years old, Tyler Blevins has had continuous success in Fortnite. Among the Twitch streamers, Blevins is one of the most popular. Currently, under Luminosity Gaming, Blevins has approximately 22 million subscribers on YouTube and thousands of live viewers. He appeared on Ellen and The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon. He was also featured in ESPN.

Turner Tfue Tenny - A Twitch streamer, Turner Tfue Tenny, is one of the most controversial Fortnite players. He rose to fame by streaming gameplay of PlayerUnknown’s: Battlegrounds, H1Z1, and Fortnite. Apart from 6 million Twitch followers, Tenny has 10 million subscribers on YouTube. In 2018, he set record-breaking 57 kills for a single match.

TSM Myth - With millions of Twitch followers, TSM Myth has a strong and wide fanbase. Apart from Twitch, YouTube contributed to his popularity. Called as the Architect, TSM Myth is reputed as a game builder as he’s capable of changing every match. Aside from Fortnite, he does merchandise and branding, too.

FaZe Cloak - Another popular Fortnite player is Dennis FaZe Cloak Lepore. With his years of experience in eSports, FaZe Cloak is one of the best players in the world. He is also dubbed as an excellent shot caller for his incredible performances in different matches. He currently lives in Austin, Texas.

TSM Hamlinz - TSM Hamlinz is another incredible Fortnite player. Considered as the second-best builder in the battle royale game, TSM Hamlinz has one of the highest win percentages. Unlike the other eSports enthusiasts, Hamlinz became famous since 2013 before Fortnite was introduced into the market. At a young age, he is recognized as a talented gamer. Aside from Fortnite, he is a Call of Duty& Halo player in the industry.

Other famous Fortnite personalities include TSM Daequan, High Distortion, FaZe Jaomock, Dakotaz, Nick Eh 30, and more.