Apex Legends – How to Play Wraith

Wraith is one of the most popular Apex Legends mains out there and has been since the game’s inception. She is the go-to for edgelords everywhere; however, she is much more notable for being an excellent character for the skilled solo player. 


With Apex being a trios game, with no permanent solos, talented players without a team are often left high and dry when it comes to playing, needing to throw their teammates on their shoulders in order to slog over the finish line to victory. 


That is what Wraith is designed for. Her kit is built to allow smart and skilled players to dance around enemy squads by themselves, weaving in and out of position, outmaneuvering, and ultimately being the bane of many a player’s existences. 


Wraith’s Kit


Into the void is Wraith’s primary ability. When you activate it, the world becomes greyscale, and you enter into another plane of existence. You become hard to spot and invulnerable to damage and effects. However, you can’t see enemies. It lasts three seconds and has a cooldown of 35. 


To the untrained eye, three seconds of invincibility where you can’t see an enemy sounds rubbish. To a veteran FPS player, it looks like heaven. Three seconds is all it takes to make a certain rotation, get out of a bad spot, or outflank an enemy, and even if you can’t see them, a good enough player possesses the ability to predict and know where their enemies are and are likely to be. 


Wraith’s ultimate is called dimensional rift and is not as strong for gunfights as into the void, but it has great utility when it comes to helping out your team, which is what Wraith is all about, winning the game single-handedly.


With this ability, Wraith can activate a portal, placing one end when she activates it, and the other when she ends it, up to 100 meters away. When you are placing the portal, you receive a 25% speed boost, but can’t use your weapons or items. However, that speed boost allows for some tricky plays in the right circumstance. 


When you travel through one end of the portal, you teleport to the other end at five times speed. You are invulnerable during this, but do leave a blue trail for a few seconds, which can give away your position. 


The ability is better suited to support. Say, for example, your teammates go down in the storm. Place your portal on the edge, run through and place the other end at their feet, revive them, and all of you teleport out before dying. 


The ability has a 150 second charge time. 


Wraith has two passives. The first is low profile. This makes Wraith more difficult to hit, combining with her small hitbox. However, she takes an extra five percent damage as a result. 


The second is voices from the void. With this, Wraith begins to hear an internal voice telling her if an enemy is aiming at her, or if a trap is nearby. This is a great ability, stopping you from being ambushed or flanked, and if you have a premade team, you can share that information with them easily.