Apex Legends – How to Play Revenant

Revenant is one of the later additions to the pantheon of legends to grace the King’s Canyon battle arena. Looking like if pathfinder had been designed Hideo Kojima, Revenant is a nightmarish robotic assassin, complete with steel skeleton, and menacing yellow eyes.


The robot has a very nuanced skill kit and is not the type of hero that you can just pick up and run with. He requires a bit of patience to get good with, and dedication to the character.


Revenant’s kit is based entirely around a hyper-aggressive playstyle, built on the principle of crashing into your opponent with brute force. However, while Wraith maintains this style of play for a solo player, Revenant is far better when used as part of a hyper-aggressive team.


Revenant’s passive is stalker. With this ability, Revenant’s crouch speed is the same as his walking speed, which is nice. However, this ability really excels in the fact that it allows Revenant to climb walls and obstacles that are twice as tall as other legends, giving him great mobility to reposition and hit enemies quickly from unexpected angles.


His triggerable ability is silence. Those who have played MMORPGs, or MOBAs, should be familiar with this term. Silence operates like it does in those genres, preventing the affected parties from activating abilities for its duration. However, Revenant’s silence does a little bit more. It is thrown in the exact same way to a grenade and lasts for ten seconds. Enemies that are within range of the device get hit for 11 damage while nearby, and once they have been hit by the silence once, the ability lock lasts the full 10 seconds.


Silence has a small radius, though, making it difficult to use without some experience. However, it further complements the hyperaggressive teamplay, with you throwing one of these out before a push, preventing any nasty surprises from the likes of a Bangalore or Gibraltar. It also has some use as a crowd control option, allowing you to block off choke points, certain pieces of cover, and doorways.


Revenant’s ultimate is where the truly skilled players can shine, though. It is called death totem. When placed, your team can interact with it to enter what is called shadow mode. It lasts 30 seconds, and when used allows your teammates to ignore shield damage, on top of that, when someone dies in shadow mode, they are respawned back at the totem with a minuscule amount of health.


However, players do leave a small trail as to where the totem is when used. To make the most of this ability, you can throw it down late game before a team fight, allowing you to just hyper-push the enemy, and giving you a brief chance at recovery if you happen to lose the fight before they find the location of the totem.


Used correctly, this ability can easily win you the game, but should be used in combination with a talented and coordinated team to make the most of its effect.