Apex Legends: Best Characters You Need To Try!

Playing Apex Legends wouldn’t be complete without using the characters or heroes designed and developed by the creators of this game just for you. With the blended inspiration from Overwatch and battle royale, this game is a total blast! Due to its genre, it involves a lot of characters that can be picked by the valued players. These characters will give an exceptional and satisfying gaming experience that you’ll love and want for more. Among the characters provided by Apex Legends, some particular ones provide an exceptional and way better performance compared to others. These characters are recognized as the best performers, as well as excellent picks to accomplish the game.

For additional tips and ideas for you to choose the best character, here are some of the most undeniable characters. Make sure to pick the best to guarantee yourself an excellent gaming experience.


This guy is one of the best! It ranked number two from the previous ranking of the game’s best characters. The exciting thing in this male character is that he can create a hologram, which is crazy yet beneficial! Lots of players have been reviewing this character, and the only thing they can say is, bamboozling!

Passive: Mirage has an encore which activates and makes the hologram function properly. This hologram helps to crawl your actual body away from a complicated spot.

Tactical: This character uses the Psyche Out ability, which enables and sends a hologram in the purpose of distracting or disorienting the enemies.

Ultimate: Thought it will be just like those? No, it isn’t. Mirage also uses the Vanishing Act, which helps in sending the other team in the hologram to other places while you are busy cloaking yourself out to safety. 


Ranking as the top character of Apex Legends, Lifeline has a lot of great things to showcase which have been the key for it to top the rank. Lifeline is the character that deals with the lives and healing of the wounded characters.

Passive: As a shield wall is protecting the healing process, Lifeline provides excellent healing, which works 25% faster than others. This is the reason for its name as the Combat Medic.

Tactical: In small circumferences, the D.O.C. Heal Drone sends friends with an effective and excellent healthcare service and facility.

Ultimate: Lifeline provides shield items, health, and three high-tier armor. A care package is one of its best contributions to the quality of the game.

Whatever the status or level of the game- Apex Legends, it still has a large spot inside the hearts of its valued players. Lifeline is considered an integral part of the game which provides better chances of winning the game. It provides an effective and satisfying gaming experience, which makes it well-known to the players and enthusiasts across the world. With its quality features and settings, this game is a total must-try.

The mentioned characters are only the best of the best, which are proven by the number of usage and performance that it showcases in every tournament. A lot of excellent characters are still hiding behind, and it must be discovered. May these mentioned characters be the key to your continuous and successful Apex Legends gaming journey!