Apex - Apex: What Is a Neutral Care Package

A lot of fans of the game Apex have gotten a daily challenge that leaves them scratching their head. The game asks them to loot two neutral care packages in their match, but many don’t know what one is. There is nothing in the guide that helps them identify what one looks like, so it is a guessing game as to what is supposed to be done.

Look on the Message Boards

If you go on any Apex message board, there are at least a handful of messages asking about the neutral care package challenge. Players have teamed together to try to figure out what the game is asking for. There are many care packages that drop throughout the game, but they aren’t necessarily neutral. At first, it was possible that this was a bug in Apex. Maybe there wasn’t such a thing. Was this package all made up? For weeks, many thought that was the case.

After several months of trying to figure this out, there may seem to be an answer. Finally! Users on gaming boards have come out to define what is meant by a neutral care package. After hours of trial and error, gamers have figured out that they are blue-level cargo bots or loot boxes. This is something so specific, that it is easy to miss if you aren’t looking for one. Game creators no doubt made this challenge difficult on purpose. Gamers have to agree that it is quite rewarding when you figure out what is needed.

Quite the Challenge

Once you located one of these, it’s just not enough to take the whole package. You need to open it and loot. Only take items that are non-essential not items that you may need for immediate survival. Once Apex deems that you completed the challenge correctly, you can confirm so by looking at your daily challenges. After carrying out the test, you can then go on to the next challenge on the following day.

Obviously, finishing a daily challenge is not meant to be easy. Many gamers know what care packages are, but they didn’t know what qualified as a neutral one. Once the blue-level loot boxes were confirmed to be neutral, it is smooth sailing from here. As you advance in the game, there are other challenges that include them, so the obstacle becomes a little easier once you know what is needed.