All-Time Favorites Heroes of the Storm Gameplays

Heroes of the Storm surprises many players when it arrived in the online world. It gained support from one the world’s largest multiplayer developers, Blizzard, along with other big names like Cloud 9, Evil Geniuses, and Natus Vincere. Here are some of the pro-games we have experienced that really made our hearts beat faster!

Cloud 9 vs. Evil Geniuses

Being part of the Heroes of the Storm Exhibition Tournament 2014, this gameplay is considered to be the best. It was made successful by the most impressive and strongest heroes performance teams who made it to the best of five round. This series brought us incredible fights that truly wake everybody. Both the individual plays and team performances showed proper coordination and exceptional qualities. Aside from the heart-pumping fight, the massive crowd also provides and exciting atmosphere.

NaVi vs Team Kick

This GO4Heroes Monthly Final never failed to deliver the best gaming experience. We couldn’t deny that the first 23-minutes of the game really made the audience feel an awe. We can describe it to be one of the well-executed team fights that Heroes of the Storm ever had. It’s something that won’t bring your eyes everywhere. You really have to stick to the entire event so that you won’t miss anything. It is also worth mentioning that the last two minutes made the viewing experience worth it! NaVi was able to secure a boss, and despite having three heroes who remained alive, they were still able to claim all three temples targeting its core. The game ended with one core at 1% while the other exploded.

EL Nexo vs. Fnatic

This ESL Major League has brought the us from extreme to another ultimate experience several times. It turned the world of players from both camps upside-down. There were also plenty of moments when you can’t guess what the players were thinking. It's hard to make a speculation while the match is still ongoing because you will notice that both teams execute the fight very well, and you can’t choose which of them has the great advantage to win. Right at the start, Illidan from El Nexo wanders around the two Fnatic players. Then, it was followed by big fights that break out the tributes to both teams. The game ended when El Nexo only had four heroes remaining who attempted to back door the core while a boss was trying to push into their base.