About Hearthstone Card Sets

Hearthstone is widely known as a free to play web-based digital card game created and exclusively published by Blizzard Entertainment. The original subtitle of this game was Heroes of Warcraft, until it was eventually coined as Hearthstone. This game actually builds upon the prevailing lore of the Warcraft series through utilizing the same relics, characters, and elements. This game is known to feature cross-platform play enabling gamers to compete in any supported device and restricted by geographical account limits only.

The Card Sets  

Each Hearthstone card is actually part of a set. The basic set can be completed by means of playing the Hearthstone game. However, to obtain cards from other sets, you will have to spend real money or gold. Card sets are clearly categorized to which the entire amount of the collectible cards is divided. The card sets are comprised of all adventures and expansions and two primary sets of Classic and Basic and Hall of Fame set.

The card sets tend to reflect how the collectible cards will be obtained and also determine whether the cards can be utilized in Standard formats. In such a format, only card sets from the first 2 standard years can play. In the standard format, card set rotation happens yearly wherein 3 old card sets from the Standard format play.

The card set doesn’t otherwise affect the gameplay in a way or another. For the cards from adventures and expansions, the card set’s name tends to match the contents in which the card was released.

Overview of the Classic and Basic Card Set

Basic is the free and largely available card set having 150 cards. Around 133 of these cards are collectible. The basic cards are said to be neutral and are available to any class’s hero. 10 basic cards are actually exclusive to every class. Coins are considered part of the Basic Set. All the basic cards are considered free rarity but not those uncollectible cards, which are common or cards with no rarity.

The Classic card set, on the other hand, is the biggest card set having 294 cards wherein 240 of these cards are collectible. This features about 135 collectible cards wherein there are 15 cards for every class and around 105 collectible neutral cards. Those classic cards can be categorized through the unique Hearthstone swirl behind the card text, and these are not found on the other cards.