About DOTA 2

Dota is one of the finest video games played by solo, two-player, and even multiplayer. Dota 2 has become popular even before inventing those other games. It being addicted because of its beautiful graphics, characters, and gaming exploration.

What is a M. O. B. A.?

If you are going to play Dota, the main objective is to destruct the Ancient of the other team in the so-called the Radiant and the Dire battle. And each side also consists of five human players with the ability to use all those heroes with distinct unique powers.

Usually, the map of Dota 2 has its two areas: the lane and the jungle one.

In the first area, it has three (3) lanes: the middle, bottom, and the top, they are connected to the base of the Dire and Radiant. Each lane has been populated or spread human to care the tower against enemy units.

In the second area, the jungle is the forest place you can see on the map located between each lane. There were areas also which has been populated by neutral monsters.

To make your hero stronger and get more points, you have to destroy all your enemy’s tower, as well as the other heroes, should be kept not reaching your tower. Kill all those creeps.

What is the best hero?

All heroes are worth playing. They are all-powerful and have their own unique armour and defense. This depends on your style of playing and or use of your chosen hero. You can see other heroes are in the glove while other is totally Alien. If you are a beginner in Dota 2, you need to gain more mechanics and experiment them until you found your natural power.

Laning Phase

After picking your hero and you have designated its powers and strength, you be will landing on a Laning phase. This phase is the first stage of your game. Where all heroes are weak, and therefore, weak to take the game’s objectives. With this, your hero should gain defensive armor and points to include it in your inventory that you may use it to make your hero’s ability stronger. In this phase, you can easily find out the transition of the game, and you face the next and subsequent levels thereon.  It has also a guide that you can follow to enhance further your skills in taking into breakdown down your enemy’s tower and weapon.