A Guide to the Most Popular Desks in Hearthstone

To an onlooker, it might not look very exciting. However, Hearthstone is a hugely popular online card game. Players collect and exchange cards and use them to battle with one another. Based on the World of Warcraft universe, the Hearthstone spinoff has become a phenomenon in its own right, attracting fans from all over the world. A crucial element of succeeding in Hearthstone is having a good deck. Exactly what makes a deck strong is a controversial subject, but some decks are almost universally recognized to be great.


Decks and Accessing Them


Hearthstone actually has deck codes. This lets you access and examine different decks than your own. By doing so, you can take ideas, inspiration, and combinations from other decks or use the deck instead. Decks can be ranked at different tiers and cost different amounts of Dust, depending on how valuable their cards are. If you’re just getting started out in Hearthstone, you could learn a lot by looking at some of these decks, if not using them outright.


Best Decks: Tier One 


The Libram Paladin deck is one of the strongest at Tier One, as well as being one of the most balanced. Using the deck can be tricky at times due to not having a drawcard, but otherwise, it’s a great option for those who play slowly and want to control the whole board. Using the deck, you can take advantage of the reduced cost of healing and your buff, as well as the High Abbess Alura, which lets you automatically cast a spell from your deck.


Another strong deck at Tier One is the Kill Command deck. It’s fast to play and use, and most of the cards cost four mana or less to play. This means you can almost always play a card immediately unless you have a very unlucky start. The Kill Command deck works best for those with an aggressive playing style, but you’re unlikely to burn through your cards too quickly, thanks to the Voracious Reader, which makes sure you always have three cards in your hand when you finish your turn.


Best Decks: Tier Two


One of the strongest decks at Tier Two is the Lorekeeper Polkelt. It might be difficult for some to play, thanks to the variation of card types that this deck contains. However, if you can get your head around it, you’re likely not to want to go back after you’ve used the Lorekeeper Polkelt. The deck allows you to play aggressively and defensively with ease, and you can employ the Dinotamer Brann to easily finish games.


Playing aggressively might be fun, but it can also be risky. The Hooked Scimitar desk is a great balance of aggro cards with the Stealth keyword. This deck lets you play aggressively while avoiding many of the consequences of a typical aggro style. With the Stealth features, you can avoid direct contact and conflict while quickly sapping away at your opponent’s mana and health with additional effects that many of the cards in this deck have.