A Deep Dive into Dota 2's 7.33 and 7.33e Patches


The world of Dota 2 has been significantly reshaped with the introduction of patches 7.33 and 7.33e. These updates have brought about substantial changes to the game's map, introduced a new type of hero, and implemented crucial balance adjustments. Let's delve deeper into these changes and their implications for the game's meta.

Map Rework in Patch 7.33

Patch 7.33 introduced a comprehensive map rework, expanding the map's edges and adding new paths and objectives. The Roshan pit, a central point of contention in many games, was removed from the river and replaced with two pits located in the map's corners. Roshan now alternates between these two pits as the day turns to night and vice versa. This change has added a new strategic layer to the game, with teams needing to adjust their Roshan strategies based on the time of day.

Additionally, the patch introduced Twin Gates, two portals located in the map's corners. Players can use these portals to teleport to the other after a 3-second channeling period, adding another strategic element to the game.

Universal Heroes: A New Breed

Patch 7.33 also saw the introduction of Universal Heroes, a new type of attribute hero. Unlike other heroes, Universal Heroes don't have a Primary Attribute. Instead, they gain 0.6 damage per point of each attribute. This change has added a new layer of complexity to the game, affecting the dynamics of hero selection in Captain's Draft and Single Draft modes.

Hero Nerfs in Patch 7.33e

Patch 7.33e brought significant nerfs to 11 of the game's most picked and successful heroes at the Bali Major. These heroes include Broodmother, Doom, Ember Spirit, Enchantress, Medusa, Morphling, Pugna, Storm Spirit, Techies, Timbersaw, and Undying.

Broodmother, who had been dominant with a pick rate of 55 times and a win rate of over 60 percent, saw an increase in the cost and cooldown of Insatiable Hunger, making it less spammable. The slow from Silken Bola was also decreased, although it remains the same once maxed out.

Doom, another popular pick at the Bali Major, saw an increase in the cooldown of Devour by five seconds. Medusa, a late-game powerhouse, had her base intelligence and gain reduced, making Split Shot slightly weaker and Mystic Snake yield less mana.

Techies, surprisingly the most-picked hero at the major, had its armor decreased by one, its damage by three, and Sticky Bomb’s cooldown slightly increased. Ember Spirit, another popular pick, saw an increase in the attack interval of Sleight of Fist and a decrease in the magic barrier provided by Flame Guard.

Detailed Hero Changes in Patch 7.33e

The 7.33e patch brought about specific changes to several heroes. For instance, Enchantress saw a decrease in the distance damage of Impetus and a rescaling of the armor and attack damage bonus of Enchant. Morphling's Adaptive Strike (Agility and Strength) saw an increase in cooldown, and the stats steal from Universal heroes was decreased.

Pugna had an increase in the mana cost of Nether Blast and a decrease in the mana restoration of Life Drain. Storm Spirit's Electric Vortex duration was decreased. Techies saw a decrease in base armor and damage, and an increase in the cooldown of Sticky Bomb. Timbersaw had a decrease in base movement speed, damage of Timber Chain, and bonus health regen of Reactive Armor. Undying had a decrease in base health regen and changes to the Aghanim’s Shard interaction with Tombstone.


The 7.33 and 7.33e patches have brought about significant changes to Dota 2, reshaping the game's map, introducing a new type of hero, and implementing crucial balance adjustments. These changes have a profound impact on the game's meta, forcing players to adapt their strategies and hero choices. As the game continues to evolve, players must stay updated and flexible to maintain their competitive edge.

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