The Best Weapon in Apex Legends

Apex Legends is home to a whole host of different lead slinging enemy killing goodies for you to get your hands on. Knowing these goodies, and how good each one is, can be the difference between you winning your games, and never seeing past the top 15. 

It must be said, a good craftsman never blames their tools, and the same must be said for Apex Legends. A skilled player can make any weapon work, and can absolutely dominate with the higher tier guns, whereas a weak player is going to struggle no matter what. 

Keeping that in mind, there are two weapons in particular that we advise trying to get your hands on every game. Of course, it all depends on your playstyle, and we like it aggressive, so there may not work for you, but we've found success with them thus far. 

R-301 Carbine

The R-301 carbine plays more like a submachine gun than an assault rifle, despite being called a carbine. There is one competitive comparison to be made with this weapon. If you've ever played CoD Advanced Warfare, it feels uncannily similar to the ASM-1 and looks like it to. 

That is a good thing. The gun has laser precision accuracy, and when decked out with attachments gives off practically no recoil. It has a good iron sight, although getting a holographic is recommended. It has high damage, even at range, but without extended mags, you may find yourself reloading before finishing off an enemy. For that reason, prioritize extended mags when you're running this gun. 

It has an excellent rapid rate of fire and excellent mobility. As we said, it plays like a submachine gun, favoring mid to short-range gunfights. Wraith and Revenant players should feel right at home using this if they're used to getting up in enemy's faces. It's not great for super QQC, though, as it is obviously still going to be beaten by a choked peacekeeper or a mastiff. 


Everybody and their grandma knows about the wingman. It dominated the game when it first came out, and despite being the victim of a number of nerfs, still remains on the top of the mountain. 

The wingman is a more specialist weapon than the R-301, it is better for long-range, but is a machine of a gun at any range. The thing with it is that you have to hit your shots. Your ammo is limited, especially without extended mags. If you're not the best marksman, you aren't going to find much success with this gun.  

The wingman favors the skilled players, especially when you slap the skull piercer on it, where it can potentially two shot an enemy if you hit them in the head, rewarding those who are used to hitting headshots.


Of course, there are a million and one different other weapons worth using. The peacekeeper, the mastiff, the L-Star. All of them are worth using if you find them, but in terms of general usability, we recommend the R-301 every time, paired up with a mastiff or a wingman, depending on whether the ring is closing in on an area at range, or close quarters. 

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